Kurz is a short tempered teenage boy struggling with the sudden disappearance of his older brother Vinst. Depression is setting in, emotions are running high, and he’s never felt more alone. Unusual events are to come in his very near future and he’ll do whatever it takes to get his brother back.


Older brother of Kurz. Vinst is the quintessential model of an older brother. Protective, loving, and your best friend. His unforeseen disappearance will uncover all of the abnormal events occurring around town.


Brony is Vinst’s dimwitted friend, as a result of his disappearance he became closer friends with Kurz. Brony walks through life unaware of his surroundings and is generally a displeasure to be around.


Boss is the “owner” of Grizmok Deli. He may seem to be in control but, there’s a higher hand pulling the strings.


Daveed is a newly hired Deli Clerk who doesn’t quite understand the severity of his work duties. “A perfect hire”